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Creative Therapy

Funny how a little thing like neurosurgery can set back one’s writing schedule.

I’ve actually been looking forward to getting this herniated disc repaired for quite a long time, so I have to say I’m glad the surgery is finally in the rear-view mirror. On the other hand, needing not to sit at my desk for more than a few minutes at a time while I recover makes it quite difficult to do any of that daily writing that’s so important to keep one’s creative muscles in shape.

So I’m spending just a few of those allotted minutes here, letting anyone who happens upon this post know that I’m still kickin’ (well… breathing, anyway), and that I’ll be back to my old, snarky self as soon as possible.

Since I won’t be getting much exercise of either the physical or creative type over the next couple of weeks, I may need to set up a regimen of “CT” (creative therapy) to accompany the inevitable PT that will come after some more healing. Good thing I can still use my brain while confined to my bed.