Attack of the Procrastination Monster

I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything with my writing these last couple of weeks. First it was a slog through weak verbs as I tried to polish Chapter Five, and get it to match some of the changes made to Chapter Four after the last content feedback from my CPs. Then it was trying to shoehorn my existing plot into the fifteen-beat structure of Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat!

As everyone knows, nothing is ever static with a Work In Progress. Last week my CPs helped me analyze the current plot structure in my novel, to see where the beats do (or don’t) fall. It was a train wreck.

Okay… Not exactly a train wreck. There were many extremely useful things said—all in a very supportive, collaborative manner—and the brainstorming session provided me with a wealth of excellent ideas for improving the structure of the story. I’m more hopeful about the eventual shape of the whole thing than I’ve been in a very long time.

But other things seem to keep getting in the way! After our CP meeting, I managed to make a few revisions, but also had to catch up on some household chores and errands. Then the weekend was a wash, what with offspring eagerly using the other computer to drill themselves alternately on Spanish and typing (you try writing while little keys yell “Type on me!” over your shoulder). By Monday, I was inundated with further errands, tidying up the house so we could welcome a new dog into the family later this week, and rampant rumors of Big News about to break in my other blog’s fandom.

In other words, I’ve been a putz.

When I realized it had been nearly two weeks since I’d last posted here (an absolutely shameful amount of time to let lapse, in blogosphere timescales), the Procrastination Monster whispered, “You know, you really don’t have very much time to get into a groove before you have to pick your kids up at the bus stop anyway. You could just whip out a quick blog post. You can get back to your revisions fresh, tomorrow morning…”

Yes, thank you Procrastination Monster. I may just do that. And come tomorrow morning, I’m sure you’ll have another little gem for me. Maybe something like “time to go get your new dog!” Good thing I didn’t want to finish these revisions before the end of the year.

Oh, wait…

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