Critique Partners

I’ve been writing for a very long time, but I’m still really new to fiction. I can’t even express how wonderful it has been to have found some kick-ass critique partners (CPs).

I met my CPs when we were all taking a writing class together. The best part of the whole course, as far as I was concerned, was when we had the chance to read a piece of our work and get feedback from our classmates. Luckily, there were other fantasy writers in the class, and a couple of them were willing and able to form our own little CP group after the class ended.

My CPs have been an absolute blessing. Not only do they see my work from outside my own head (extremely important) and tell me when I haven’t shared on the page something else that’s buried in there (also important) or when I’m just not making sense in terms of either plot or character (vitally important), but they also share their works in progress. It’s awesome! I get to read engaging stories that don’t exist in the wild yet!

Through our workshopping, I get better at critiquing my own work, too, so it’s more polished before it even makes it to them. It’s win/win, and no matter how long we spend in a session, I always come out feeling revitalized and eager to get back to my own story.

What greater gift could anyone give a writer?

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