Stepping onto the “World Stage”

With the launch of this blog, I am taking my first steps into the wider world in my persona as an “author.” It was probably about a year ago now that I finally made the decision to try my hand at fiction for real. I’d had some ideas knocking around my head for seven or eight years or so—maybe longer—but I’d never gotten up the nerve to try putting anything on the page.

All that changed last fall. In October I really started working on world building, and in November, I spewed my first ugly attempt at a novel into a Word document. For months after, I felt lost and out of sorts. I knew there was a kernel of something interesting there, and I could make it good, if I only knew how. Through a multitude of intermediate steps, I eventually found myself some kick-ass critique partners.

Now my CPs and I are helping each other make our work better, and I have real hope that my first novel, the story of a young woman coping with an unexpected supernatural inheritance from her grandmother, titled Dryad Down Under, will eventually be fit to share. I plan to self-publish, because I’ve commissioned a piece of cover art I adore and I want to be able to use it. (Also, who knows if a reputable publisher would ever buy it.)

So here I am. I hope some day to share what I’ve written, and that you will come to love my characters and settings as much as I do. Hello, world; I’m Rachelle. I’m a writer. May I tell you a story?

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